Playing with an IMAP repository is done by setting up a shells.DriveDriver shell.

# The "RemoteImap" repository.
class RemoteImap(types.Imap):
    conf = RemoteImapConf # Dict of the configuration.
    driver = drivers.Imap # Driver to use.

class DriveImapRemote(shells.DriveDriver):
    conf = {'repository': RemoteImap}

    def session(self):

At first, we configure the repository to use (here: RemoteImap). It has the remote and credentials configured.

Next, we define what we want to do during the session. The shells.DriveDriver has the buildDriver() helper which is called at beforeSession time. This enables the control of the IMAP driver via self.d or self.driver (each is an emitter to the driver).

Internally, the IMAP driver (drivers.Imap) of the repository is run in a worker (thread of process). So, self.d and self.driver allow to "remotely" control the real driver.

Session sample

[email protected]> ./ -r rascals/sample.rascal shell DriveImapA
INFO    : RemoteImap driver ready!

Welcome to the shell! The driver is running in a worker. Take control of it with
the pre-configured emitter. It is available from both the "driver" and
"d" variables.  "d" will send any event in sync mode.  Ctrl+D: quit

Available commands:
- events(): print available events for the driver.


The driver was already built in the default beforeSession() method of this

Available events:
- buildDriver: Build the driver object in the worker from this account side.
- buildDriverFromRepositoryName: Build the driver object in the worker from this
  repository name.

The repository must be globally defined in the rascal.
- connect: None
- getCapability: None
- getClassName: None
- getDriverClassName: None
- getFolders: None
- getNamespace: None
- getRepositoryName: None
- init: None
- isDriverBuilt: None
- isLocal: None
- login: None
- logout: None
- search: None
- select: None
>>> d.isDriverBuilt()
>>> driver.getFolders()
>>> driver.cached_getFolders()
['INBOX', 'INBOX/spam', 'INBOX/outbox', 'INBOX/sp&AOk-cial']
>>> d.getFolders()
['INBOX', 'INBOX/spam', 'INBOX/outbox', 'INBOX/sp&AOk-cial']
>>> d.logout()
>>> <CTRL+D>
[email protected]>

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